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Essential Algebra

Essential Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide
by Tim Hill


This no-nonsense guide provides students and self-learners with a clear and readable study of algebra’s most important ideas. Tim Hill’s distraction-free approach combines decades of tutoring experience with the methods of his old-school Russian math teachers. The result: learn in a few weeks what conventional schools stretch into months.


1. A Few Basics
2. Exponents
3. Polynomials
4. Factoring
5. Linear & Quadratic Equations
6. Inequalities & Absolute Values
7. Coordinates in a Plane
8. Functions & Graphs
9. Straight Lines
10. Circles
11. Parabolas
12. Types of Functions
13. Logarithms
14. Dividing Polynomials
15. Systems of Linear Equations
16. Geometric Progressions & Series
17. Arithmetic Progressions
18. Permutation & Combinations
19. The Binomial Theorem
20. Mathematical Induction
21. Solutions

Errata & Updates

Chapter 6, Problem 3, Change “x2 + 2x − 14 > 0” to “x2 + 2x − 15 > 0” [corrected in ebook and print editions on 6-Apr-2018].


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