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Mastering Excel Loan and Mortgage Formulas

Mastering Excel Loan & Mortgage Formulas
Excel 2016 Update
by Tim Hill

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Calculations with loans, mortgages, leases, credit-card debt, car payments, medical expenses, and retirement funds are the most common financial operations in Excel. Author Tim Hill shows you how to use worksheet functions, data tables, and other Excel features to manage your business and personal finances. If you’re using an older version of Excel that doesn’t support the latest worksheet functions, you’ll find equivalent formulas that work in Excel 2003 or earlier. You can download the sample workbook to follow along with the author’s examples.


1. Getting Started with Loans & Mortgages
2. Present Value (PV)
3. Future Value (FV)
4. Payments (PMT)
5. Interest Rates (RATE)
6. Periods (NPER)
7. Interest and Principal Components
8. Converting Interest Rates
9. Loan Amortization Schedules
10. Summarizing Loan Options


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