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Google It!

Google It!
Getting Junk-Free Search Results
by Chris Kennedy


Your Google searches are too broad if:

Google’s simple interface hides a lot of power. With a few simple tricks, you can find what you need quickly and accurately.


1. Search for Multiple Words
2. Case Doesn’t Matter
3. Omit Stop Words
4. Quote Exact Phrases
5. Rearrange Search Words
6. Swap Singular and Plural Forms
7. Use Wildcards for Unknown Words (* Operator)
8. Specify a Range of Numbers (.. Operator)
9. Omit (Most) Punctuation
10. Exclude Terms (- Operator)
11. Find Exact Terms (Quote Operator)
12. Find Synonyms (~ Operator)
13. Find Alternate Terms (OR Operator)
14. Find Verbatim Terms
15. Use Search Operators
16. Do Common Searches Quickly


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