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Writing Web Headlines

Writing Web Headlines
by Ginny Gray


Knowing how to write candid and catchy headlines is the key to getting your message heard. Whether you write for blogs, websites, newsletters, press releases, or social media posts, you can learn how to craft attention-grabbing headlines with these essential techniques from writing instructor Ginny Gray. You’ll learn the art and science of writing killer headlines, with loads of examples along the way.


1. Summing Up a Story in a Few Words
2. Grabbing the Reader’s Attention
3. Characteristics of Great Headlines
4. Be Concise
5. Be Engaging
6. Be Vibrant
7. Use Punchy Verbs
8. Be Accurate
9. Trendy Headlines
10. Capitalizing Headlines
11. Punctuating Headlines
12. Writing Subheads
13. Using SEO Keywords
14. More Headline Tips


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