Questing Vole Press
OS X Troubleshooting

OS X Troubleshooting, El Capitan Edition
by Diane Yee


No computer provides a trouble-free experience. This handy guide walks you through ways to diagnose, fix, and prevent the most common Mac hardware, software, and operating system problems. You’ll learn how to handle problems confidently by using a systematic, iterative process and an array of built-in tools.


1. Getting Started
2. Using Startup Commands
3. Resetting the SMC
4. Resetting NVRAM
5. Starting in Safe Mode or Verbose Mode
6. Using OS X Recovery
7. Network Settings and Diagnostics
8. Resetting Network Settings
9. More Network Tricks
10. Slow Computers
11. Permissions Problems
12. Errant System Preferences
13. Exploring OS X’s Libraries
14. Finding Solutions on the Web


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