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OS X Security and Privacy

OS X Security & Privacy, Yosemite Edition
by Diane Yee


Apple designed OS X with advanced technologies that work together to constantly keep your Mac safe. Some of these features are turned on by default, whereas others are turned off or aren’t dialed up to full strength. Some features are front-and-center in System Preferences or the Applications folder, whereas others are buried deep in the user interface. This book covers the whole range of OS X’s security and privacy tools and explains the best practices for defending your Mac and data.


1. Getting Started
2. User Accounts
3. Creating an Account
4. Parental Controls
5. Editing Accounts
6. Setting Up the Login Process
7. Logging In and Out
8. Sharing Across Accounts
9. Fast User Switching
10. OS X and Malware
11. Gatekeeper
12. FileVault
13. Firewall
14. Password Assistant
15. Keychain Access
16. Privacy Settings


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