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The Wage Slave's Toolkit

The Wage Slave’s Toolkit
Eleven Essential Workplace Skills
by Gary Gade


Nearly everyone in an organizational hierarchy develops a few self-limiting fears and practices that open the door to stress and surprises. If you like your job, your happiness and success in the workplace depend on the quality of your work and relationships and your ability to cooperate. If you hate your job, you can change your consciousness and see your workplace as a place where you can learn the skills needed to thrive on your own before you quit or are fired. Author Gary Gade shows you how to grow by using simple, repeatable techniques and best practices that apply to most business and personal situations.


1. Managing Your Time
2. Building Confidence
3. Relieving Stress
4. Engaging in Office Politics
5. Negotiating and Achieving Mutual Benefits
6. Overcoming Procrastination
7. Giving Presentations and Speaking in Public
8. Speed Reading and Strong Recall
9. Managing Up and Influencing Your Boss
10. Managing Conflict and Repairing Relationships
11. Working for a Toxic Boss


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