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Writing Effective Email

Writing Effective Email
by Ginny Gray


Email is the most commonly used business communication channel, yet many people stumble when it comes to crafting a message that recipients and colleagues will read all the way from the subject line to the attachments. Writing instructor Ginny Gray shows you how to write email for maximum readability and impact.


1. Email: Friend or Foe?
2. Plan, Compose, Revise
3. Emailing the Right People
4. Emailing at the Right Time
5. Setting the Proper Tone
6. The Purpose of Your Message
7. Content That Recipients Want
8. Crafting Subject Lines
9. Understanding the Reader
10. Using Direct Openings
11. Crafting a Strong Message
12. Personalizing Your Message
13. Proofreading Your Message
14. Respecting Confidentiality
15. CCing and BCCing Recipients
16. Forwarding Email
17. Taking Conversations Offline
18. Including Attachments
19. Understanding Your Message’s Effect
20. General Etiquette Tips


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